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We have a strong development team that is heavily focused on the Multimedia Codec development in Audio, Speech and Video domains, catering to various industry standard & popular algorithms.

The team has the expertise to develop these codecs and validate either in Simulator or Reference Hardware platforms targeted to popular RISC processors, namely, ARM 9/11, ARM Cortex, ARC 600/700, Tensilica Xtensa and DSPs from ADSP and TI family.  The matured capabilities of the team will be beneficial to our customers as we are technically skilled to implement any new algorithms and quickly develop highly optimized solutions balancing between MHz and Memory foot-print requirements.

Our domain knowledge in multimedia solution development provides additional advantages to our customers as these codecs can be developed fitting well in a Unified API structure including Open MAX IL architecture.

We are experienced to architect and implement any custom instructions including hardware acceleration blocks as permitted with different configurable RISC processors like ARC and Xtensa that ultimately help develop optimized multimedia solutions on these processors fitting in the MHz budget for either combined use case scenarios or very low power applications.


Our current Multimedia codec portfolio includes the following.

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