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Multimedia Frameworks:

Incube Solutions has vast exposure to the following multimedia frameworks and middleware:

  1. DirectShow
  2. Media Foundation
  3. Android Multimedia Frameworks
  4. Proprietary middleware
Incube’s engineers have worked on integrating various multimedia components directly as well as through OpenMAX IL layer into these frameworks. Incube has experience in enabling hardware acceleration of various audio, video and imaging codecs / algorithms and optimizing the overall multimedia data flow. Incube’s own implementation of OpenMAX IL layer is fully compliant and full featured implementation which provides various tunneling modes for effective optimization of multimedia data flows depending on the hardware and software architectures.
Multimedia for Android based smartphone/tablet platform:

Incube Solutions has vast experience in software development to enable heterogeneous multi-core SoC platforms. It has partnered with different SoC design companies to develop customized software solutions for their products.

Incube's team is extensively involved in bringing-up and customizing Android for smartphone / tablet platforms which come with rich multimedia hardware acceleration features and peripheral support. The team has worked on the following areas to enable highly efficient and low-power solutions:

  • Implementation of OpenMax IL core and components and integration into Android Stagefright
  • Multimedia firmware development (including codecs, RTOS etc) for heterogeneous processor system with dedicated multimedia co-processors and hardware accelerators
  • Linux driver for inter-processor communication between cores, designed for reducing memory copies and performance bottlenecks
  • Driver development for multimedia peripheral controllers like I2S, Azalia, camera, display etc.
  • Data-flow optimizations to improve performance and to significantly reduce power consumption for multimedia use-cases
  • Efficient clock and power management for multimedia specific hardware
  • Exhaustive testing with multiple use-cases
Incube Solutions, with it deep domain knowledge in multimedia and vast exposure to different SoC platforms and software frameworks is an ideal partner for any OEM / SoC vendor looking to develop next generation multimedia centric products.
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